Young Trappers Education Program Application

*Applicant:____________________________________Age:_____ D.O.B.__________ __Sex M □ F □

Address:_____________________________________________________Postal Code:___________

Name of Mentor:__________________________________________Relationship:________________

Address: _________________________________________________Phone # __________________
(If different than above)

* Parent or Guardian Information and Permission

Name:___________________________________________________ Relationship:______________

Address: __________________________________________________________________________
(If different than above)

Household Income:   Under 30,000 □          Dual Parent     □
                    Over   30,000 □          Single Parent  □

*____________________________________  *__________________   *_____________________
Signature of Parent or Guardian                              Date:                                   Phone #

For Applicant: In 100 words or less why are you interested in taking the Fur Harvest, Fur Management and
Conservation Course:

Return application to:  Wilf Deline
                       2014 Henderson Rd
                       RR#1 Arden, K0H-1B0