Fall 2015 News Letter
Sept. 14, 2015

 It’s hard to believe but another trapping and hunting season is just around the corner.  It has been a very busy off
season for council volunteers and supporters that attended the various gun shows and events, selling tickets on the four
gun fundraiser we were running.  The good news is we sold all the tickets printed.  A hearty thanks to all the buyers and
sellers.  Along with ticket selling events we attended several public functions just to educate the public and spread the
word about our council and what we do.  A big one of course was the 150th Frontenac County celebration in Harrowsmith
where an estimated 10,000 people went through the gates.  Another important function was the public meeting September
10th in Flinton which we co-sponsored with the M.N.R.F.  Many top MNR people were there along with an OPP Save team
member and they provided a lot of New and Relevant information on Hunter safety, Moose management and ATV
regulations etc.  They also answered many questions that people were not up to speed on.
 We have of course handed out the 2015 bursary’s, sponsored in the Pine Meadows golf tournament, donated to the O.F.
M.F convention in St. Thomas, donated to youth trappers and so on, since spring.
 We hope to be able to clean up the Boundry Creek spawning beds this fall (Looks like a go right now.)
 Some of us will be helping out at the O.F.M.F booth at the international plowing match in Finch (near Cornwall).  It runs
from Sept. 22nd – 26th.  It is a huge event, you should see if you are able to attend.
 Myself, Willis and John Fitchett attended a meeting in Peterborough in August with the District Manager Karen Bellamy
and Julie Formsma to make out position clear on transferring and allocating crown land blocks for resident trappers in the
Kingston / Peterborough area.  Numerous other topics were also brought up too many to mention here.  (come to our
meetings to keep updated)
 We feel we made good progress in Peterborough in which they said they would have a transfer policy in place for next
fall (2016/17 season).  We’ll keep the pressure on.
 Our facebook venture is working very well thanks to Isaac at the keyboard.  Having everyone’s e-mail is also a big plus.  
No reason not to stay current now.
 I hope to have Graham and or Julie at our first meeting to issue Fisher Quotas.  If so bring all your permission slips to be
copied again (yah I know).        The tentative date is Monday, October. 5th, at the Henderson Hall.  I hope to be able to
start early, maybe 6:00pm if the MNR can come as it takes come time to do all the copying etc.  Double check the meeting
dates schedule for possible changes.  (this will be posted soon.)  or call me near Oct. 5th.
 There is a bucket of stuff to go over at our first meeting so pass the word, come on out and don’t be left in the dark.
                                                                                                 Trap on,
                                                                                                  Wilf Deline