June 19, 2015

Fellow Trappers,

 As you may know by now the Algonquin Land Claim revised A.I.P has been signed and as we
were promised Resident (crown land) trappers have been included along with registered line
trappers in the final negotiation process when the final agreement is signed, when ever that is?  
Now that this is on paper the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry surely must include
resident trappers in the trap line transfer policy.  I would encourage every trapper with crown land
or registered lines to fill out and submit to all the appropriate groups a copy of the trappers
succession form.  These forms are available for printing off the Ontario fur Managers Federation
website (www.furmanagers.com) under “forms”.  I would also encourage any trappers with crown
land who do not currently have a helper or a family member helper to put something in place A.S.
A.P.  It could make a big difference down the road on what happens to your trap line.
 As you might know the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry in our area has taken a
position that they are not willing to transfer any trap lines to anyone in and now it looks like
outside the Land Claim area.  With our trappers aging, becoming ill or passing on this is totally
unacceptable.  We are currently trying to set up a meeting with the M.N.R.F to find a solution to
this problem along with some other issues that need addressed.  Once again fill out a succession
form and submit it as I am sure it will be helpful down the road.

A reminder to monitor for deer ticks and the potential for Lyme disease this summer on yourself,
your kids and pets.  A spray for clothing called Sawyers is available online www.amazon.ca.
The ticket sales on our gun draw have been doing well but promote this as much as you can.
 The details of the public meeting set for September 10, 2015 at the Flinton Rec centre have
been finalized.  This meeting is co-sponsored by the M.N.R.F and our trapper’s council.  The
poster is available on our facebook page, our website and will be posted in local businesses.  
Please plan to attend.
 The bursaries for our local high schools will be awarded at their ceremonies coming up soon.  
Congratulations to this year’s recipient’s.
 Reminder the Ontario Fur Managers Federation convention is in St. Thomas in August this
year.  Always a good experience for everyone.
Yours in conservation,
Wilf Deline
F.A.T.C President
613 336 8359